Terms and Conditions

  1. Vehicles for hire are delivered in good condition and clients have the obligation to return them in the same condition
  2. Vehicles for hire are insured with 3rd party insurance only. The person who rent the vehicle are not covered for themselves or the rented vehicle.
  3. In case of accident caused by the client, it is the client who has the obligation to reimburse for all repairs needed to the vehicle.
  4. Vehicles are for one or two persons only. In the case more passengers are tracked down, the vehicle will be taken away immediately and they will have to pay a fine of 150 Euros.
  5. Clients are prohibited from driving the vehicles in the sand, in the dirt of rough roads (full with potholes or rocks), anywhere with no roads or extremely dangerous roads in general. If they do so, the vehicle will be taken away immediately and they will have to pay a fine of 150 Euros.
  6. If a client commits a traffic offence he/she will be to pay the traffic fine him/herself.
  7. In case of unjustifiable delay beyond the time and date of return of the hired vehicle, clients will be charged 10 Euros for every hour of delay.
  8. Renter/driver’s Age: At least 18 years old.
  9. Driver’s License for Scooters: You must have at least one year of driving experience in medium or large displacement motorcycles. A1 (under 125cc) or A (125cc or higher). Those who are not residents of a member state of the European Union, USA, UK or Australia should have an International Driving License certified for motorcycles.
  10. Driver’s License for Cars/ATVs/Buggies: Car driving license.
  11. Minimum Rental Period: One (1) day = (24) hours.
  12. If you want to rent the vehicle for less than 24hrs you will still be charged for one day.
  13. Some of Pick up/Drop off Locations have extra transfer charge like Oia & Other Villages, New Port (Athinios) & Airport.
  14. Taxes are included in the rental rates
  15. Unlimited mileage
  16. Replacement in case of damage
  17. Helmets included
  18. CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds given.